My Facebook account has been disabled

Not sure why, but I last posted my link about the North American Craton. A few minutes later I tried to go to another page and I was informed that my account has been disabled.

I’m no longer going to bother with facebook and will only post here on my blog.

If you can please share this with your facebook friends that you and I shared and let them know also.

I hope you all stay in touch!



4 comments on “My Facebook account has been disabled

  1. Teresa says:

    I am keeping up with you by your emails, Chef – and keep up the great work! I totally understand your frustration with FB….it is on my last nerve, as well. I’ve been checking into InLite – a new social networking site. I believe there are many of FB that are getting fed up….I will miss you, tho! U keep in touch, yourself! Take care, my friend! As you know, these are very trying times for us all…..

    • Thank you Teresa, I surely will keep at it.
      I guess Facistbook didn’t like the attention the blog was getting (over 1,700 views in 8 days) and the information I was spreading.
      The powers that be like it when the public is not informed. And I was beating the news to some things.

    • Laurie Hansen says:

      I posted on FB that you were being censored, Chef. I hope you get more followers now cause you are that much more “Controversial”, lol!

  2. marji mullis says:

    Mine too, several times to disappear links. You tube alters or deletes also. We fund Corp Cspan yet can’t post videos of hearings w/ gov’t crime syndicates.

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