What are the threats from a solar flare and/or CME?

A high class solar flare and CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) are a vicious 1-2 punch for life on Earth if it every came our way.

X-Class Solar Flare (Earth Directed)-
An X-Class solar flare are the strongest type of solar flare that could come from the Sun. These move at the speed of light and can reach Earth in minutes.
These flares carry with them x-rays, when they come in contact with living organisms it can kill cells and destroy parts of that organism DNA (cancer causing).
Being exposed to a long X-Class flare would be like having 100 chest x-rays with no protection.

Coronal Mass Ejections- Is an ejection from the sun of particles with a flare. This will cause a Geo-Magnetic Solar Storm that will reach Earth 2-4 days after the flare. The threat from a CME is that it can totally shutdown the power grid, food would spoil, people on life support/oxygen, water couldn’t be purified, planes could drop out of the sky, and worst of all- nuclear plants could hit meltdown phase because the spent fuel rods wouldn’t be able to be cooled.

This is our threat from Sunspot #1302 and I hope that thing goes away asap.


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