6.0 Quake off the coast of Oregon



7 comments on “6.0 Quake off the coast of Oregon

  1. Jay says:

    Hmmm 6.0 huh? They (any and all eq’s) seem to be getting stronger,Yes Chef?

    • Yes, and new places are becoming more frequent with smaller ones. I was just logging on to post about it.

      • Jay says:

        Chef,I know you dont know me personally,Or for a long time..Im an empath,Ive predicted this years ago and im very glad your bringing it to peoples attention!…Also,,Many different earth changes coming..Ive also noticed that theirs EQ’s in places their never was in THIS century anyway…Thanks again!

      • It seems I just love following this stuff. I thank you Jay for even bothering to read and respond (and I remember you from FB)!

      • Jay says:

        No,, thank you Chef,Their are many MANY people asleep at the wheel,Im liking that you may have an impact in waking a few up!…Preparedness is key IF the s*&t hits the fan,Thanks for remembering me brother!!! :O)

      • How could I forget?
        Real recognizes real.

      • Jay says:

        Why thank you Chef..Oh im real alright Chef! To a fault (no pun intended lol)..Ill share something with you,One of my predictions was a MAJOR earthquake like we have never seen before,And in San Francisco..We shall see brother (within a year to two years)

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