A Closer Look At The Situation and Joseph Kony by Ahmed Said

Joseph Kony is the leader of a Ugandan rebel group called the LRA aka The Lord’s Resistance Army. This conflict basically goes all the way back to British Colonialism, the british treated the people of the south fairly well, while they enslaved the north. Kony is from the north (which is coincidently mostly christian, unlike in sudan where the north is muslim and the south is christian) He follows and preaches a blend of different traditional “african” Christian teachings. He is basically regarded within his own group as having “god’s” spirit within him. The whole issue with him is he has the largest child soldier army in africa , sudan\south sudan has the 2nd highest, (all of africa has child soldier problems), he’s also been involved in child slavery\human trafficking. This whole Kony 2012 is hogwash propaganda to encourage the public to increase “pressure” on congress and the president to militarily get involved, but that’s what they want you to think. See China over the last 10 years has been building their relationship with Africa increasingly while we were busy in Afghanistan and Iraq, when it comes down to it we could give two fucks about 9 year old africans with ak-47’s — or child slaves that are african for that matter — plus we already have AFRICOM which is US Military Central African Command. If we wanted to stop the LRA it would of been done in 1988 when this group was originally formed under a different name and leader — Military intervention will come not because of the LRA but because of what our government and more percisely put because the Centralized banking system fears Chinese influence over the 3rd world. They will shower this fear in the mask of humanitarian needs. As they did with Libya (and now Libya is split into east and west as of two days ago). — I am not saying what Kony is doing is right, because it’s wrong flat out, but our purpose won’t be to oppose it, that’s just the smokescreen. I’m barely touching the surface btw- —

The non-profit organization who is running this whole KONY 2012 marketing sales \ donation rush is a very very shady group apparently, I just downloaded their 2011 audit, and want to share a excerpt “Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal for an issue which arguably needs action and aid, not awareness, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they lack an external audit committee. But it goes way deeper than that.

‎1. The Ugandan Government is a dictatorship, with Yoweri Museveni as the President since 1986, that has committed plenty of human rights violations and atrocities itself. So, we’re using tax-payer money to send support to this Government? No way that could ever backfire…

2. In the civil war in which Yoweri Museveni gained power, child soldiers were used by his army (National Resistance Army) which is now the army of Uganda, but under a different name. Again, why are we using tax-payer money to help stop a problem by supporting a Government who is part of the problem?

3. Why is the U.S. Government, via tax-payer money, even involved in the first place? For once, why can’t we have voluntary solutions to problems, without automatically assuming that the Government is the answer to everything? This country is broke. Whenever the Government gets involved, they just politicize it all, waste a bunch of money and mess everything up anyways. If a charity or group of people want to solve a problem, that is awesome. Go solve it, but don’t force me to pay for it by extracting funds from my paycheck every week, and sending it to Government goons. If I want to help, I’ll donate directly. By having the Government get involved, all that will happen is that they will bureaucratize it, and then use tens of millions of it to fund grants to Pakistani mango farmers, and send Alaska Airlines $500,000 to paint a Chinook salmon on a Boeing 737 (look it up). The reason this country is bankrupt and in decline is because we think that Government goons are going to be efficient with our money.

4. The Ugandan Army, or rather, it’s high ranking officers, have being using ‘ghost soldiers’ (soldiers who are no longer on the pay-roll) to siphon off funds, making the war even more profitable for them than usual, giving them a vested interest in its continuation. By throwing tax-payer money at this problem, we only make it worse.


5. War is profitable, especially for large arms economies such as the U.S. and the UK. ‘U.S. Military adviser support’ may as well be, “we want the U.S. and its arms manufactures/dealers to sell the Ugandan Government crap tons more weapons”.

Also, what in the world is this “Invisible Children” charity doing with their donation money?

Of the $8.9 million in donations they spent in 2011, this is the breakdown:

$1.7 million in US employee salaries $357,000 in Film costs $850,000 in Production costs $751,000 in Computer equipment $244,000 in “professional services” (DC lobbyists) $1.07 million in travel expenses $400,000 in yearly office rent in downtown San Diego $16,000 in Entertainment

Only 2.8 million (31%) made it to their charity program (which is further whittled down by local Ugandan Government officials). What do the children actually get?

Source on page 6 and 12 of their own financial report:


also here’s one more write up about this issue — it goes WAY into depth about it, i’ve already known about the persecution of the north by the south so this goes into that a bit — http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/qm349/why_the_kony_documentary_and_invisible_children/

A Blog Calling Out Invisible Children-



11 comments on “A Closer Look At The Situation and Joseph Kony by Ahmed Said

  1. Diana Harmon Garnand says:

    I’ve seen this Kony link going around like wildfire but have only watched the first few minutes of it… perhaps intuitively there was a reason I stopped watching (intending to get around to it later). You have really blown the lid off this it seems. Transparency of the spending of Invisible Children alone is enough to raise eyebrows of anyone who knows a bit about nonprofits and that spending on “administrative” services should ideally not exceed 10-20% tops. Thanks for taking the time to post this here; I agree a Hollywood-type production like this should be a big indication that it’s a smokescreen of what’s really going on or where the funds are being siphoned to. At very least it gives the people a place to do their own research/investigating.

    • Kathleen says:

      Where’s the love you always speak of?

      Where’s the love for the children?

      • I’ve known about kony for years now.
        I’m a single father.
        I work in my community.
        I own a non-profit.
        …and I know that is not how you spend your money. Listen to the people of Uganda. This campaign is making things worse.

  2. Kathleen says:


    Used to educate our youth about the issue!! Also using funds for the radio notification for the locals and rehab and education for the local children and those abducted!!

    • I hear you Kathleen, awareness is good.
      However, I do not like how they support a military who themselves use child soldiers, rape and pillage their own people just like Kony.
      Kony is a monster, yes, but does supporting a dictator who himself has child armies with american donations the best way to go about it? In the meantime, these 3 guys are making almost $100,000 a year with a net profit of over $6 million on hand.

      • Kathleen says:

        So you are saying DO NOTHING?! Do nothing to save children who are alone and running, hiding, and living in fear? I know if it was one of my children I would stop at nothing, financial or otherwise!

        They are not supposrting the Ugandan military in any way except to provide extra persons to assist in the hunt. My dear friend was one of the first deployed to assist and they did NOT give them any arms nor funding. He was very proud to be part of the hunt for such a monster and shared that many in the Ugandan army also felt the same. They are not supporting the dictator either. None of their funding goes to the government or military.

        But where they have invested it is in the local people with schools, rehabilitation, self reliance education, scholarships, reuniting families, and educating the world to the plight of the children who had no voice.They have also set up a radio warning system to help protect the childen now and in the future from abduction and violence.

        Let’s play devil’s advocate and say they are pulling $100K each. I would spend anything to save my children. I’d much rather my tax monies and my donated money be for such a purpose then lining the pockets of those who do nothing.

        So you spent you time combing through their financials to find fault with a group trying to make a difference. Because you live in a better place and know nothing of these childrens daily lives of fear and dread you feel empowered to dispute dollar bills and not why is this allowed to happen?

        GOOD FOR YOU…

        When you were there searching through their numbers did you also look at the areas where abductions still taking place by the LRA? The violence and murders? The child that thankfully escaped but now has a wicked scar across his neck where they attempted to slit his throat?

        Where do we begin?!!!! This is where we begin as a global community to help our fellow man…with KONY!!! Then we can show our global strength and move on to other monsters.

        I know that with this day and age of the internet making the world much smaller I now have a voice and I WILL use it and MY MONEY and MY government on behalf of those who have no voice!!

      • The LRA have been gone for 6 years. The children needed saved since 1986. The US knew then, so why know when Kony is gone and oil has been discovered?

        Finally, be careful on thinking you are ‘using’ your government, because they are the ones using you.

      • Kathleen says:

        They have also spent the money to educate oblivious America and the world!!

      • Do you know about the Janjaweed?

  3. Spending money on advertising brings awareness. A majority (my assumption) of people who have learned about this situation is well worth the money being used for that purpose. I work for a non-profit where I make no money, as well, but I also understand that there are those who need to… to bring awareness. It’s not like they’re becoming millionaires over it. I would pay, with my life, to save my child from people like this. To save countless lives? No amount of money would stop me. At least SOMEONE is doing something and not putting the value of the almighty dollar BEFORE the safety of children who are suffering in epic proportions.

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