Alignment of the Entire Solar System on December 21, 2012 around 9pm!

I want to start off saying that I could totally be wrong!
I have watched the stars and what has been happening with Earthquakes for a little while now and today I was curious as to which planets (if any) were aligning on December 21, 2012.
Now, I am not one of those who believe(d) in the December 21, 2012 date (I always found a reason to discredit it- either they didn’t use our calendar or something else).
But in seeing this from Stellarium which has always been reliable for me and stargazing, I have to say, I was shocked.

It appears that the ENTIRE solar system including Earth aligns around 9pm on 12/21/12!!!!!!!

I am using a location where the Mayans would have been when observing the stars and what you will see is a straight line of ALL of the bodies in our solar system (including the Sun) make a straight line through the middle of the Earth…..everything lines up on that day and I don’t know if modern man has ever witnessed this event.

I can’t find anything on it.


10 comments on “Alignment of the Entire Solar System on December 21, 2012 around 9pm!

  1. Hearmy Voice says:

    What an amazing FIND, Chef! We are living in times like none other, my friend. We will soon see what this means for us all…..thank you for all your time & effort on this subject we all have so many questions about!

  2. whynotyou says:

    It makes me crazy as this is not the first ive heard of this,Or something similar!..Like ive stated on other sites,You should have some preparedness just in case the stuff hits the fan! Excellent find Chef!

  3. Jay says:

    PS…Chef,This would be perfect for the forum,This sort of info would be helpful to alot of people!…:O)

  4. squodgy says:

    Well noted CHEF, however, Adrian, at
    has a pretty good essay on this.

  5. squodgy says:

    Hi CHEF,
    Great find, well done.
    Just a point though, seemingly Adrian @ :~

    has done a rather good essay on the subject.

    Cheers, Stanley

  6. Jay says:

    Chef,Once again this is amazing! Im sure the people at OUT THERE PARANORMAL would love to see this,Would you please post it there and also invite them to see your blog??? Id appreciate it!! Thanks man!

  7. Jay says:

    Saw that and than you very much! It may take a few days to sink in but im sure theyll dig it (thee older ones at least),,;O)

  8. Supersajin says:

    Great stuff, read (squodgy) blog, great also.

    The pyramids were built for many reasons, one of which was to help humanity wake up. Understand the mysteries, the greatest mystery…the mystery of life!

    • Jay says:

      Chef,On “Out there paranormal” theyre talking about this “Quakes global incidentmap”,Id like to see what you think when you have a feee second…”O)

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