What I’ve Learned From Facebook

Which is quite a lot….
The most important of which would be:
I woke up by meeting like minded people
I’ve learned ways and means to pursue interest of mine
I’ve met awesome friends who are not just a number on my friends list but actual people whom I talk to and email.
….and I’ve learned that censorship exists, and this is why I have quit using Facebook after I have had two accounts shutdown by Facebook Admin.

This blog, will be my new ‘Facebook’ page and for those of you who may read this will already know, I don’t mind if only 1 person reads what I have to say.

This is freedom!



3 comments on “What I’ve Learned From Facebook

  1. Luis says:

    Great you’re back I’ll continue reading your post. thank and Gob bless you!

  2. Hearmy Voice says:

    I’M LISTENING, CC! I’m so glad you are back, my friend! ❤

  3. drummer says:

    RIGHT ON Chef!!!….Im here man,And i think thats sucky they did that? Makes you wonder why hmmmmmm?

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