It’s So HOT

I firmly believe that BP (and Deep Horizon 2 years ago) in tandem with the use of COREXITt broke the planet….

The North Atlantic Current (NAC) has been severely compromised and some think that BP’s use of COREXIT is the main culprit (I know I do).  

The NAC was an integral part of our planets heating and cooling system and now we are just starting to see the affect.  It’s going to get much, much worse I believe. 


2 comments on “It’s So HOT

  1. drummer/Jay says:

    Oh about a week or so ago,I was astounded by how many heat records had been set/broken here in the states…1st i heard over 1000 in one day,Then heard a corrected figure which was over 2100! Thats not to be over looked,Very odd,,My vibe? Somethings amiss and our “Powers that be” know that…Thats why so many underground homes/structures are being built world wide imho!

    • I know. I was doing some work in a basement over this heat wave and it was cooler there than it was in a room with AC.
      I’d like to be underground during these types of heat waves too.

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