Planetary Alignments Could Be The Cause OF These X-Flares

So I’m just going to get right down to it.

I believe that planetary alignments are causing the activity that we are witnessing from the Sun during ‘Solar Cycle 24’.

At the exact time of todays X-Flare as seen from the equator the entire Solar System practically lined up.

How I know:
It’s easy;
first- I use Stellarium, I set my location to where the Mayans would’ve seen the stars and check from that location anytime there is a larger M-Class flare or X-Class flare.

It seems to work.

Tonight as you can see from my screen shots using Stellarium everything just about lines up….minus Uranus and Neptune only because they are not showing up on Stellarium for some reason but I was able to get the two outlined in red cross-hairs (the 2nd and 3rd pics) and if you followed it they too line up.

As you can see for yourself, Uranus and Neptune were clearly not labeled but….they seemed to be aligned with everyone else during todays X-Flare.

I added in the red lines for Uranus and Neptune using the same reference points of Jupiter and Venus to draw the line to the Sun. The Moon was my second reference point so I believe that the entire solar system practically lined up today at the exact same time of todays X1.4 flare with CME (Earth Directed) from Sunspot 1520.

I’m watching for quakes within the next few days.


2 comments on “Planetary Alignments Could Be The Cause OF These X-Flares

  1. Hearmy Voice says:

    Great work, Chef! And, thank you for the ‘heads-up’ re: earthquakes!

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