Forgive My Absence

Since I’ve left Facebook I have concentrated on other things.
Currently, I am not as ‘plugged’ in and have been busy being outside and enjoying it. Been climbing trees and playing in the dirt.
Most of my time at night is spent on teaching my 7 year old son college level chemistry right now, we are starting with memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements before moving onto Chemistry Basics, Thermo-Chemistry, Acids and Bases, Bonding and Intermolecualr Interactions and Forces, Composition of Atoms, Electrochemistry, Gases, Geometry, Kinetics, Nuclear Chemistry, Stoichiometry and Chemical Reactions, UV/VIS Spectroscopy, Types of Reactions, Types of Organic Molecules and Functional Groups, Substitution Reactions and Mechanisms, Rearrangement Reactions and Mechanisms, Radical Reactions, Proteins, Ozonolysis, NMR Spectroscopy Theory, Isomerism and Sterochemistry-
all while trying to figure out cool and fun experiments to do to make it interesting.

So this is what I am really focusing on at the moment. Maybe I will post progress that my son is making on this as we progress.


5 comments on “Forgive My Absence

  1. Carrie says:

    Organic chem is one of my favorites. Although I have a love hate relationship with biochem. Balancing equations is strangely fun. Enjoy chemistry with your boy!

    • I have to take things into my own hands regarding my son’s education and knowledge, I won’t rely on the schools to teach him advanced critical thinking skills (well even basic critical thinking for that matter).
      Today we started with the periodic table and Hydrogen. He watched a short video and took notes on the important parts of Hydrogen. Then I had him write down a flash card describing the atomic number and atomic mass for the elements.

      He studied for an hour.
      We will do one hour a day on the weekends and 30 mins a day on weekdays throughout the summer and through the school year, mixing in experiments here and there.

  2. Lori says:

    wow! cool !

  3. ZGina Bell Lacy says:

    wow!! He is so smart. I am glad you are outside and unplugged does good things for your mind. Now is the time to teach them many things they ENJOY it and like to learn. If you do not do it when they want it , you have missed that mark in life. It never returns sometimes. Much Happiness to you and your son. You are missed 😦

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