Planetary Alignments Could Be The Cause OF These X-Flares

So I’m just going to get right down to it.

I believe that planetary alignments are causing the activity that we are witnessing from the Sun during ‘Solar Cycle 24’.

At the exact time of todays X-Flare as seen from the equator the entire Solar System practically lined up.

How I know:
It’s easy;
first- I use Stellarium, I set my location to where the Mayans would’ve seen the stars and check from that location anytime there is a larger M-Class flare or X-Class flare.

It seems to work.

Tonight as you can see from my screen shots using Stellarium everything just about lines up….minus Uranus and Neptune only because they are not showing up on Stellarium for some reason but I was able to get the two outlined in red cross-hairs (the 2nd and 3rd pics) and if you followed it they too line up.

As you can see for yourself, Uranus and Neptune were clearly not labeled but….they seemed to be aligned with everyone else during todays X-Flare.

I added in the red lines for Uranus and Neptune using the same reference points of Jupiter and Venus to draw the line to the Sun. The Moon was my second reference point so I believe that the entire solar system practically lined up today at the exact same time of todays X1.4 flare with CME (Earth Directed) from Sunspot 1520.

I’m watching for quakes within the next few days.


Chicago, IL and Operation Fast & Furious

I have been sitting back and listening to everything coming out about Operation Fast and Furious and the players involved.

I find it odd, that apparently this operation goes from the president to the Attorney General and now apparently it falls on to Rahm Emmanuel (then White House Chief of Staff and now the Mayor of Chicago) to preside over a city more deadly than Kabul Afghanistan.
Just the players involved and events playing out are making me very nervous about the end game of this operation.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Earth and the Moon Align on July 6th During X-Flare

On July 6th around 7 pm ETD the Sun produced a 1.1 level X-Flare from Sunspot 1515 (the 12th largest flare of Solar Cycle 24) which has also produce a CME probably Earth bound.  I’d expect our Magnetosphere to hit the G-2 possibly G-3 solar storm level in 2 or 3 days.



It’s hard to catch all of these alignments but I did catch one in particular that caught my attention.

…on 12/21/12- when the entire solar system aligns and from what I can tell, for the first time.



It’s So HOT

I firmly believe that BP (and Deep Horizon 2 years ago) in tandem with the use of COREXITt broke the planet….

The North Atlantic Current (NAC) has been severely compromised and some think that BP’s use of COREXIT is the main culprit (I know I do).  

The NAC was an integral part of our planets heating and cooling system and now we are just starting to see the affect.  It’s going to get much, much worse I believe. 

Chief Justice John Roberts Arrives in Malta Today

Just after Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (appointed by George W. Bush) flipped and decided to support the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obama Care) he has retired for the moment to the island of Malta….

I want you to pay particular attention to the symbol at the top right of the photo above. That is the Knights of Malta symbol.

This video will give you a little history on the Knights of Malta.

What I’ve Learned From Facebook

Which is quite a lot….
The most important of which would be:
I woke up by meeting like minded people
I’ve learned ways and means to pursue interest of mine
I’ve met awesome friends who are not just a number on my friends list but actual people whom I talk to and email.
….and I’ve learned that censorship exists, and this is why I have quit using Facebook after I have had two accounts shutdown by Facebook Admin.

This blog, will be my new ‘Facebook’ page and for those of you who may read this will already know, I don’t mind if only 1 person reads what I have to say.

This is freedom!


I’m Back

Due to censorship that I have experienced on Facebook, I have decided to only type my thoughts on my personal blog (where for the moment I cannot lose my information I put on here).

I thought I could use Facebook as a sort of diary that I could pass down to my son so he could know what type of man I was when he was young, but I was mistaken.


I’m looking forward to this.